Robo Advice - Fantastic New System


Weread a lot about ROBO advice IFAC have developed our own version.

If you are keen to implement some robo solution then you can become a partner.

There needs to be three parties involved in ROBO advice.

  1. The software - that's us
  2. The platform - ie Transact etc
  3. The IFA

We have effectively built the software and can show you how it works...

It is an online application form that links through to the platform.

This can sit on your own site, not ours.

The IFA firm acts as the "arranger" through her licence and direct the money onto the platform.

The platform then receives the money from the visa card / DD / BACS transfer from the customer.

If you are interested in this please do get in touch.

How does it work?

This website application allows your clients to create an investment plan in three easy steps:

Your client selects a plan

There are currenlty two plan types for your client to select, they have the choice of an Investment ISA Plan or a Standard Plan. The client then enters how much they would like to invest and how much risk they are willing to take.

The system then automatically estimates potential returns

The system then calculates what the plan could be worth at the end of the term based on past performance of other similar plans. If the client is happy with the potential returns and the risk level they proceed to the attitude to risk section. The attitude to risk section then asks a series of questions to determine if the client has a suitable attitude to risk for an investment. If the client is successful then they are prompted to fill in the application form and transfer funds to a specified account. The form is then automatically emailed to the IFA for processing.

Monitor plan perfomance

The client can login to the system to view the perfomance of the plan and its value. These values can be updated at any time by the IFA.


The benefit to you is that small ISA top ups and one offs can be directed to your own website.
"Hello IFA, can I buy another ISA this year?"
"Absolutely Mr Smith, just go to our website and look at the options there"
Then let them do the work.

It is Hargreaves Lansdowne light. On the site there are, say, three models. You could get the same commission/fee and your responsibility is simply to maintain those models - which are just high, medium and low.


The solution can be professionally installed on your own website and server for complete security and peace of mind.

If you have any queries about this or any of our other solutions please do not hesitate to get in touch.
01242 80 70 10