Reever Software

Reever is a complete back office compliance system and Reever is currently used by over 400 advisers throughout the UK. You can request a free demo today!

Solution overview

The complete back office compliance system. This system has everything that a compliance officer / supervisor can possibly need for compliance. It is nothing if not comprehensive.

This software has a wide range of features, including the following:

  • New Business logging
  • Turnover recording
  • Internal compliance
  • Training and competence
  • Gabriel returns
  • Document library


An all-encompassing system, Reever is currently used by over 400 advisers throughout the UK as their default back office compliance solution. If required the software can be white-labelled with your own branding.

This solution is packed full of functionally and combines the following features all in one easy to use package:

New Business

This section allows you to centrally store all information relating to your companies business. This information could include: Investment policies, Pension policies, Protection policies and Mortgage policies.

Turnover recording

This section allows you to record all of your companies turnover. Once all of the information is in the system, it is then streamlined to satisfy the FCA (RMAR). 

Internal compliance

Internal compliance section allows you to save important company documents such as complaints, promotions, bank statements, account details, gift register and others. 

Training and competence

This section allows you to add qualifications, profesional bodies and to take a wide range of pre-built exams. The exams cover many topics including data protection, complaints, market abuse, pension freedom and many more. These exams are updated by our team annually.

Document library

The Document library is ever expanding and currently contains 100's of useful documents. IFAC customers, via Reever, have access free of charge, to a comprehensive suite of documentation. Note all documentation within the library is also available to purchase on an ad hoc basis here. Core documents include suites of suitability letters, Fact Finds, Auto Enrolment, Compliance/T&C Manuals, but also some more niche areas such as Recruitment/HR, documents at FD/CEO level.


Reever is hosted securely in the cloud which gives you plenty of flexibility as it can be accesed from any location via the internet.


Our membership fees are displayed on our fees page.

More information

If you have any queries about this or any of our other solutions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Vision of growth

Suitability Report Writer
Risk profiling for customers
Online submission
Auto renewal documentation
Launch direct to public
Launch worldwide


New Functions

Auto HR - Intranet launched
Robo advice
Quotation suite



Front office added via MIRA
Project MIRA Merge Into Reever All including – Defaqto
research integration Live chat introduced


Human Integrations

Lead Developer Dan Rey joins.
1,000 user landmark reached


Born Again

Phossil renamed Reever and split into two as part of the sale of Financial Ltd to Tavistock Financial Ltd.


Driving innovation

The mother of all years An ARROW visit from the FCA, who were told by their S166 skilled person TCC: “We found the Phossil system to be a comprehensive system containing extensive information on each AR and adviser. It captures most of the information we would expect given the Nature of the business.”



Launch of Financial Exam system in preparation for RDR deadline and the sunset on commission.


First live data feed

Data Feed lntegration from providers.


Adopt online communication

Online file checking launched.


Reg-tech debut

Launch of new biz book and turnover.


A revolution born

Phossil launched – a play on the words Phil Thomas the developer, Financial Ltd and Sytems. And, of course it denotes the fundamentals of financial advice system.