Welcome to the Consumer Credit License zone!

Are you an installer or a shop trader? Do you want to be able to offer your clients credit to buy your goods?

if yes then...

Do you need the FCA licence in order to offer credit or get terms from Hitachi Finance or any other?

Find out here as to whether you require a license for your type of business. Our quick permission finder app will also let you know which type of licence you will require:

IFAC specialise in getting licences for firms to be offer credit terms.

Our special arrangement allows for a one off fee payable to IFAC of £600 plus vat.

And the FCA fee is approximately £500 - £600 (no vat) as well.

After authorisation we charge £25pm to submit the ongoing returns required and carry out annual desk based audits of FCA activity.

We will help you to build the following documents for your firm.


You may need all these documents and we can help provide them within the price above.

  • Controller application and authorisation
  • Organogram / staff tree
  • Business Plan
  • Certificates to demonstrate Fit and Proper
  • Compliance Monitoring Programme
  • Accounts forecasts for business plan
  • Treating Customers Fairly policy - TCF 
  • Risk Register
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance if required
  • Anti Money Laundering documentation
  • Financial Crime T&C and policies
  • Data protection policies
  • Whistleblowing procedures
  • Procedure manual
  • T&C manual
  • Compliance Manual
  • IT Self Assessment
  • Individual Capital Adequacy Assessment where required
  • Complaints procedure
  • Company Privacy policy
  • Corporate Governance
  • Accounts for past years trading to show fit and proper
  • Conflict of Interest policy
  • Request for Information documentation
  • An example of your work (if requested)
  • Credit agreements off the shelf or tailor made
  • Business continuity plan / disaster recovery plan

The FCA normally ask for confirmation that you have these processes in place or request sight of them.

We build them for you and make them available to you and to the FCA.

We will work with you as if we were you and the work it will involve for you is limited to the following:


  1. Provide us with your latest accounts
  2. Provide us with sufficient information to build the above for you and for the FCA
  3. A number of phone calls –usually only a few- to check minor information eg NI number etc that is normally done over a day when you are in the office.


The online application form can be found here:


If you complete we will send you a confirmation email shortly after that and start work on it immediately.


Please call 01242 80 70 10 for more information about Consumer Credit Licences. 


The process normally takes a couple of months from start to finish, but we are optimistic that it would be done within a few weeks in the current climate at time of writing


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